"In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it" 
"this prospect frightens me more than bombs"- George Orwell essay.
Most people don't have the background knowledge to evaluate many important political issues which aren't as simple as adding two and two. This new site will cover major policy areas where the major media fails to give information useful for spotting problems, or the status quo approaches  sound appealing on the surface but are flawed underneathThe only way government will improve is if you inform yourself and spread the word to others.

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   New analysis shows within 25 years the interest on the debt may be more than revenue. Forecasts are usually too optimistic.
   Social Security forecasts are very unrealistic, we don't have good estimates for what it will cost.
   Government overestimates future economic growth. US GDP growth is unlikely to be exponential.
   Usually the faster government spending grows, the slower the private economy grows (and vice versa)
   Federal reports show government hides spending&debt (e.g. $6.5 trillion in pension liabilities not in national debt).

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  Perhaps you and your friends already understand these topics.. but they *need* to be passed on to reach friends of friends who don't. Information the major media ignores *can only*  be spread virally. Politics can't remain a taboo topic if government is ever going to change. Spread the word every way you can and encourage others to share the info: email (still the most viral medium), post an image on Facebook with the article link and your comment, on  fan pages, directly on your friend's Facebook pages, tweet, put them in your own albums on picture sharing sites for others to discover, print them out, etc. Use the information to write letters to legislators, newspapers, pass the ideas to columnists, talk radio shows, etc. If you never   add your voice to the discussion, you can't complain after the next election. Advertising is repeated partly because people may be too busy to notice it the first time (and facebook no longer even shows you everything your friends post) so repost different posters.  

More topics coming soon, e.g. income inequality, taxes, and offshoring. There are many topics the public never understood well enough but needs to learn about even if they aren't current events, e.g. the financial crisis, stimulus, and Citizens United. Please stay tuned for essays on those as well as more current topics, and for word of t-shirts coming soon :-).

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